Ideal October for Trekking in Armenia and Türkiye

October : The Golden Month for Trekking in Armenia and Türkiye

On 11/09/2023

Autumn is a magical season for trekking enthusiasts. The mild temperatures, the flamboyant colors of nature, and the absence of crowds make October the ideal month to go on an adventure. If you are looking for exhilarating destinations for your next trekking trips, turn your eyes to Armenia and Türkiye. These two countries offer varied landscapes, a rich cultural history and an unforgettable experience, especially in October.

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Level of difficulty of the treks

Level of difficulty of the treks

On 18/02/2023

Description of the levels of difficulty of the treks...

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Youtube channel of IDTREK

Our Youtube channel is launched!

On 08/09/2022

Click here to join our Youtube channel and find all our videos during treks but also to discover our new products.

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IDTREK trip - machu picchu trek

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On 31/08/2022

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