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Founders of idtrek


Founder of IDTREK

A geologist by training, my job has taken me around the world. Through my naturalist's eyes, I was able to appreciate each of my trips and restore them within routes that I hope you will enjoy.

I will accompany you, and accompanied by my faithful Mishka, Alaskan Husky and Malamut cross, I will show you the magnificent things that geology has in store for us and how to learn to understand nature, from both a temporal and spatial aspect.

My experience as a group leader in the mountains is long, my passion for nature and geology gave me the desire to take many groups with me to the Alps, to discover magnificent places.

I was thus able to transmit the taste for hiking and trekking to many people.


Founder of IDTREK

I discovered active trekking thanks to Guillaume a few years ago. Before meeting him, I was a lover of comfortable and relaxing vacations. Frankly, I did not understand people who were eager to travel in the mountains, on difficult multi-day trips with heavy backpacks. Guillaume revealed to me this wonderful world - another reality where I could learn a lot about myself, understand that I could do more and be ready for something I didn't know I had the power to do!

Why is active trekking so appealing to me?

1. This is an opportunity to get to know each other and to recharge your batteries.

How often do we stay alone with our thoughts or think about things that are important to us? Take a hike and you will discover many new things about yourself. Get out of your comfort zone, and prioritize your life. Trekking will help you get out of the hustle and bustle of the city and discover things that are really important to you. Every day we are surrounded by a lot of toxic information, files, backlogs. Being away from city life allows us to disconnect from business and go straight to the "here and now" mode. It will help you look at your life from the outside. You will be surprised at the unimportant things and the urban problems that you see on a daily basis. And in the campaign come new thoughts and interesting ideas.

2. Self-test and physical exercise

Do you think you have no will? You will be very surprised what you can when you go camping. You will have hidden resources, unexplored opportunities, and perhaps fears that you will overcome. And believe me, every time you overcome a new challenge, you will feel incredible pride in yourself. You will temper your character.

3. Rest from civilization and integration with nature Clean air, no internet.

The brain rests, the mood improves. No cars, traffic jams, noisy shops, crowds of people at stops. Take your camera - that gadget you will need. You will learn that life without social media exists. Only away from the city will you hear true silence, smell the whole body air of freedom, breathe the smell of herbs, taste the water. You will be surrounded by incredible views every minute. You will see nature in all its diversity: mountains, forests, lakes, animals and birds. Nature gives energy, peace of mind and positive emotions.

4. New acquaintances and romance

Hiking is a good way to find new friends, with whom you will travel further. Interesting people are hiking. Everyone has knowledge in different fields, you always learn something new. In the campaign is not "every man for himself", the campaign turns a group of strangers into a cohesive team. It is breathtaking to be united with others, with nature.

The piercing sky and the scent of freedom.

There are endless reasons to go hiking. Try once.

Try it with us, and we'll try to make your trip comfortable, safe and memorable for many years to come!

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