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The Reunion Island :

The island of Reunion, nestled in the Indian Ocean, is a tropical pearl with breathtaking landscapes. Its majestic volcanoes, including the famous Piton de la Fournaise, rub shoulders with black sand beaches and turquoise lagoons, offering an incomparable natural spectacle. The diversity of its fauna and flora, a legacy of its unique geological history, makes it a true sanctuary of biodiversity. But beyond its natural beauty, the island is also the melting pot of a rich and vibrant culture, where European, African, Indian and Chinese traditions mingle. Its exquisite Creole cuisine, captivating dances and colorful festivals bear witness to this cultural richness. The inhabitants, called Réunionnais, are known for their human warmth and legendary hospitality, making Réunion a destination where adventure and discovery combine harmoniously with pleasure and relaxation.

Island Treks :

Reunion Island is a paradise for trekking enthusiasts, offering a multitude of trails through spectacular landscapes. Among the most popular treks is the ascent of Piton des Neiges, the highest point on the island, which offers breathtaking views of the surrounding craters and cirques. The Roche Écrite trail, in the Salazie cirque, is also very popular for its breathtaking panoramas of the tropical forest and the Indian Ocean. The island's three natural cirques - Cilaos, Mafate and Salazie - are also full of hiking trails offering unique experiences, from crossing deep gorges to discovering isolated villages accessible only on foot or by helicopter. Whether for a short hike or a trek lasting several days, the possibilities for exploration are endless on Reunion Island, where each trail reserves its share of surprises and adventures.

Its landscapes :

Imagine towering volcanic peaks surrounded by floating clouds, dizzying waterfalls flowing into natural pools, black sand beaches lined with palm trees, and lush rainforests populated by an impressive variety of plants and animals. Reunion Island is full of breathtaking landscapes, offering incomparable visual richness on every street corner.

His kitchen :

The cuisine of Reunion Island is a tasty and colorful blend of different cultural influences, reflecting its diverse history. Réunion Creole dishes are generally spicy and rich in flavor, with fresh, local ingredients.

Among the emblematic dishes of Reunion Island, we find curry, a simmered dish made from meat (chicken, pork, fish or seafood) with spices and turmeric, often served with rice and grains. Pickles, a type of condiment made from vegetables marinated in vinegar and spices, are also very popular.

Samosas, of Indian origin, are small fried or baked triangles, filled with meat, vegetables or fish, and make a delicious snack or starter.

Bouchons, a type of savory donut, are also very popular. For desserts, the Reunionese enjoy sweet treats like chili candy, spicy fritters made from chickpeas, as well as fresh tropical fruits like mango, pineapple and guava.

Finally, a meal in Reunion is not complete without tasting its rhum arrangé, a local drink made from rum infused with fruits, spices and herbs, offering an explosion of exotic flavors.

Who to go with?

Before going on a trek, it is advisable to find out about the weather conditions, make sure you have the right equipment and possibly book in advance, especially during the high tourist season.

In Reunion, several organizations and local guides offer treks and excursions to explore the natural wonders of the island. But with IDTrek it is the assurance of a complete trip full of adventure, you will be able to see everything in a single crossing from North to South with the main sites of interest : Piton des Neiges, Piton de la Fournaise, Roche written and Flat Rock, Malfate and Cilaos cirque, Dimitile Massif, the Grand Bassin and the beaches...and all this while trying the local cuisine.

All the information about our trek is here.



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