Between Peru and Kyrgyzstan : The Match of Summer TREK Destinations !

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This summer, if you are looking to mix adventure, change of scenery, and panoramas grandiose, the treks in Peru in June and in Kyrgyzstan in July and August offer unique experiences. Dive into a journey through lands rich in history, culture and natural beauty. Follow our complete guide to help you choose between these two gems of the trekking.

Kyrgyzstan :

Welcome to the exotic Tian Shan mountains, close to the Chinese border. Imagine yourself walking alongside goats from mountains, crossing imposing Ulars, and exploring valleys breathtaking coolers. The highlight of the show? The valley of Inylcheck, a marvel where the peak of Khan Tengri stands majestically on the Chinese border. This trek has in store for you also encounters with emblematic peaks such as the Nansen peak, Vit peak, Bronenosets peak (Armadillo), Shokalskogo peak, and Petrov peak. Don't forget the Karakol glacial valleys and lake by Ala Kul. And dreaming of the future, mentally explore each other's Pamirs next to Kyrgyzstan, a region not to be missed.

Peru :

Immerse yourself in the Cusco Valley, where Inca history comes to life. THE Machu Picchu, a lost and enigmatic city, stands like a unavoidable. Then explore Choquequirao, often called the "second Machu Picchu", before diving into the majesty of the Cordillera Blanca in Huaraz and the Huayhuash. Between Inca remains and snow-capped peaks, Peru offers a range of unforgettable landscapes. Whether you are passionate about history, culture or challenges mountainous, the regions of Cuzco, Huaraz and Huayhuash promise rich and varied experiences.

Fewer tourists, more peace

Choosing between Peru and Kyrgyzstan is a delicious dilemma, because each destination offers unique natural and cultural treasures.

Each step reveals a new landscape, each summit a new perspective. Whether you opt for the Incan mysteries or the expanses wild areas of the Tian Shan, your summer will be marked by adventure and discovery.

So, go on an adventure and explore these distant lands, where every pas is an invitation to wonder. Have a good trek!

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